The Home Page

This is the text of the home page.

And we're using a paragraph or two. This one will be a long one, so that we can see what happens when the text wraps to the next line and how the line spacing compares to the paragraph spacing.

This is the next paragraph

An Ordered list

  1. Item one
  2. Item two
  3. Item three

Followed by an unordered list:

  • Item one
  • Item two
  • Item three

The first list headings were <h2>. There are heading levels all the way to <h6>

This is an <h3> heading

With the paragraph text underneath

An <h4> heading

And the following paragraph

An <h5> heading

And the following paragraph

And finally the <h6>

Which gives us an idea of what is available.

There is superscript and subscript in the CKEditor5 editor. This should be useful for things like x2 and the like. You can also strike through, or bold or italicise text. A nice line separator follows:

And then there's a blockquote:

This is a serious quotation from Shakespeare that will make you think.

Although there is no citation or smaller font option in the default editor

The behaviour of the toolbar for the editor is very weird also. Once you scroll so that the toolbar falls off the top of the screen it sticks on top of the admin theme toolbar rather than underneath it. Although I can make it repeat that behaviour - it is now working as I would expect. Ha ha!

This is an image:

Wall with flowers on

Which you can pick up the corners of to resize and which allows you to set alignment and text flow behavior. The image above is at 'original' size. It's huge in the front end.

If I pull the corners and drag it to 100%, then it sticks at 100% of the container width. But in my starterkit theme, it remains at its original height - so there's some work to do to get the images working in the editor.

This is a table

with adaptable width columns

and rows

 some text herehere also some text

And a link here to the site.